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  • Alpha Activation Mobile App: Launching with the 20 ways series. You'll have actionable wisdom in your pocket where ever you go (Coming early 2022)
  • 20 Ways to Attract & Seduce Quality Women: A treasure trove of quick fire game and attraction principles expanded on and usable in real life (Coming early 2022)
  • 20 Ways to Get Over a Breakup Fast: A playbook for transforming from broken, single, and desperate for your ex-girl, to powerful, strong and ready for the next-girl.
  • 20 Ways to Kill Insecurity: Life-changing knowledge that converts insecurity into courage, so you can kill it socially and in your dating life.
  • Masculine Edge: Lawless wisdom for the modern man. Unleash your masculinity, hone your dominant charm, carve your purpose in the face of the world. (Coming mid 2022)
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